Teagle Titan 10 – 12


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Key Features
Manufacturer: Teagle
Agricultural Trader ID: 30740
Reference: teagle-titan-10-12

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The TITAN range is well proportioned, ensuring excellent stability, manoeuvrability, visibility of the load, and superior ground clearance.

At the top end of the TITAN range are the 10 and 12 cubic metre models.  Extend capacity easily with steel greedy boards.

Fine Shredding – 

Large diameter beaters generate a high tip speed to ensure a fine shredding action is achieved.

A stepless auger with a shallow pitch ensures that material is well mixed and shredded before it is thrown from the machine

Even Coverage – 

Whether spreading fresh, well rotted or semi-solid farmyard manure, poultry litter, compost or waste products, TITANs deliver an even, fine and wide spread pattern.

High Work Rates – 

Tall beaters deliver massive output for high work rates.

Quality Finish – 

Prior to finishing with a 2 pack paint system, all components are shot blasted to ensure that they are clean and provide the best possible keying surface for the paint.

All seams are continuously welded or sealed to protect against corrosion.


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