GreenMech ChipMaster 220


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Manufacturer: Greenmech
Agricultural Trader ID: 30753
Reference: green-mech-chipmaster-220

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For tackling those really big jobs, our Cornish customers can rely on GreenMech’s ChipMaster 220 with its substantial 220mm chipping capacity to get the job done.

Engineered with a 48hp Isuzu water-cooled diesel engine and the Disc-Blade chipping system, Vincent Tractors and Plant believe that this is an ultimate road tow chipper retaining all the popular features of a GreenMech machine.

A substantial 1100mm x 800mm infeed chute with bottom control bar, coupled with an infeed throat opening of 230mm x 230mm enables branches to be easily and quickly processed.

The spring-tensioned twin hydraulic feed rollers are controlled by the advanced electronic No-Stress system and powerfully crush woody material to give effective throughput management of up to 7 tonnes per hour.

A unique feature of the ChipMaster 220 is its manual clutch system.  This system is used because of the weight and diameter of the flywheel and will ensure the machine can be de-clutched before operating.

This design aspect creates less strain on the engine as the machine can be started and then the clutch can be separately engaged to power the flywheel.

The unique patented Disc-Blade chipping system will ensure a constant chip quality and gives dramatic proven cost savings over conventional straight blades.

The ChipMaster 220 comes with road lighting and a spare wheel as standard.


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