Quad-X Mechanical Tipping Trailer


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Manufacturer: Quad-X
Agricultural Trader ID: 30802
Reference: quad-x-mechanical-tipping-trailer

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No more struggling to tip with a lever assisted lift!!

You won’t find a better quad trailer, ideal for more applications than youll ever think of, the Quad-X mechanical tipping trailer is synonymous with versatility and durability.

Using high-tech computer FE analysis the TT015 has been beefed up in all the right places giving it maximum strength coupled with a lightweight bolt together chassis for increased life and hauling heavier loads.

Lifting mechanism lifts to just before balancing point.

Mechanism provides positive lifting and lowering.

Push-down on lever to lift body, making it easier to tip.

Rear door can be completely removed for tipping tall cargo and cleaning out.

Reduce your time on simple jobs _ perfect for grass cuttings and mucking out.

Dimensions: 1450x1000x450mm


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