Major Equipment MJ26 Hevy Duty Flail


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Manufacturer: Major
Agricultural Trader ID: 30815
Reference: major-equipment-mj26-hevy-duty-flail

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The MAJOR MJ26 flail can be fitted to any tractor front or rear Cat II linkage,independently of the PTO direction.

This machine is suitable for the clearance of small trees, bush and heavy grass in amenity areas and on the verges of highways.

It is also suitable for trimming grass and lighter growth as the blades can be easily changed.

As with all MAJOR products this flail is CE certified and includes safety features such as safety flaps and PTO guarding.

The flail can be easily manoeuvred around obstructions by hydraulic control.

Specially shaped all purpose hammers make short work of even the toughest grass, grapevine shoots and bracken.

There is the option of flail heads in place of the hammers.

The hydraulic side shift allows the operator to slide (side shift) the flail for alignment, rather than moving the tractor.


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