Kersten K 2100 Two Wheeled Tractor


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The Kersten K 2100 is a versatile hydraulic, self-propelled two wheel tractor which will probably exceed your expectations in its design, durability and operation.

Finger tip control with fine adjustments for transmission speed and implement speed.

The Quick-Attach70

implements are also designed to be versatile.

The powered sweepers/power broom may be finely adjusted in so many ways to suit a multiplicity of applications including moss removal, fine dust collection and turf sweeping.

The side gulley brush can dramatically improve the appearance of any site.

All Kersten sweepers are able to be fitted with a collection system.

With lower vibration than its forebears, stronger hydraulic transmission system, a more comprehensive control panel and operator presence control the K 2100 is a most versatile machine.

The Kersten Quick-Attach70 system allows the wide range of implements to be changed in seconds.

Applications that they can tackle include:


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