LongDog ATV Equipment Off Road Tipper Trailer


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Agricultural Trader ID: 31152
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A unique, fully emptying, tipper trailer, ideal for stable yard, garden and farm. Designed to empty completely when tipping. By shortening the body and introducing a ‘Y’ pivot mechanism, the tipped body of the trailer is left clear of the ground, allowing the contents to run out and the trailer to be towed away from the heap while still in the tipped position. No need to shovel the last of the load!

•  Fully galvanised chassis and hopper

•  Fully welded steel construction

•  Solid 450mm sides

•  Manual spring-catch tipping mechanism

•  Flotation tyres 22 x 11 x 8

•  Unladen weight 175kgs

•  Mesh extension sides available

•  Overall width incl wheels 1400mm


Internal dimensions: 1400 x 840 (approx 4ft 6in x 2ft 10in)


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