Engcon Sweeper Roller


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engcon’s rotating brushes

– make the most of what the excavator has to offer and open previously unthought of possibilities in a wide range of speciality areas.  Regardless of whether you’re sweeping sand, gravel or dirt, this will very quickly become a favourite tool that you just won’t be able to function without.

In the wintertime you’ll find areas such as road crossings, pedestrian walkways, railtrack points, cabin and container roofs, balcony roofs and more, where snow normally has to be cleared manually.  In the summer the brush is used for collecting road sand and gravel, brushing grassed areas, foundations, rocks and more.  The only limit is your imagination.

A hydraulic motor provides the power, and has a chain drive which enables the brush rotation speed to be adjusted.  The open design allows unsurpassed service-friendly access, and the standard polypropylene brushes can be replaced quickly and easily.

They are offered with an optional splash guard of an entirely new-design that covers half the brush to prevent stone shots while sweeping.  The splash guard can also be adjusted to three positions or removed if necessary.

What’s more, the brushes are now modular with bolted side panels.  Brush quality has been improved and the intermediate rings removed.  These improvements mean quicker, simpler brush replacement.


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