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Manufacturer: Kubota
Agricultural Trader ID: 31279
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DMC6000N – DMC6024N-DMC6028N-DMC6028R-DMC6032N

Centre mounted suspension and up to 125° vertical transport position.

Kubota DMC6024, DMC6028 and DMC6032 comes in working widths of 2.4, 2.8 and 3.2m.  They are fitted with the Kubota cutterbar with slim design for improved cutting performance.  The mowing units are suspended in the centre of gravity via a large suspension spring.  This design provides an even weight distribution across the entire mowing width, as well as a constant, faster and more precise adaptation to ground contours.  For greater operator comfort, ground pressure of the large suspension spring is set hydraulically from the tractor cab.  On the hydraulic version the tension on the large suspension spring, which controls the ground pressure, is adjusted hydraulically, to increase or lower pressure.

DMC7000FN – DMC7028N/T- DMC7032N/T- DMC7032R-DMC7036T

Front mounted mower conditioners with steel tines or roller conditioning.

The Kubota DMC7000 series can be used in combination with a variety of mower conditioners, including the DMC6000 series, DMC6132T, DMC8000, DMC8500, or on its own, making this an extremely versatile machine.  With working widths of 2.80, 3.20 and 3.50m, the capacity of the machine is substantial.

DMC6330 – DMC6332T-DMC6336T-DMC6336T VARIO

Mounted mower conditioners with the new innovative QuattroLink suspension concept.

The DMC6300 series from Kubota feature the new innovative QuattroLink suspension concept.  With its precise ground following ability and flexible working range this machine offers excellent capacity.  DMC6332T and DMC6336T are available with SemiSwing steel tine conditioning.  DMC6336T Vario is fitted with hydraulic SideShift integrated into the carrying arm.  This allows the mowing unit to move 400mm.


Triple Mower Conditioner with Nylon tine conditioning and 8.75m working width.

DMC6087N has been developed with easy and smart operation in mind.  It is an uncomplicated triple mower designed to lower operating costs in terms of power and fuel consumption, with power requirements starting at only 150hp.  Equipped with 2 x 3.18m mowing unit, both fitted with 8 triangular Kubota discs and nylon tines DMC6087N is geared for long and demanding days.

DMC8000 – DMC8028T-DMC8032T-DMC8532T

Trailed mower conditioners with left hand drawbar and SemSwing steel tines conditioner.

The DMC8000 series is engineered with the unique Kubota suspension concept.  The complete mowing section including the conditioner is suspended independently from the main chassis, allowing field tracks and contours to be closely followed.   Including features such as SemiSwing conditioner, low maintenance cutterbar, independent active suspension, swath belt and FlipOver widespreading, DMC8000 series machines are ready to meet every request with exceptional performance.


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