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Manufacturer: Kverneland
Agricultural Trader ID: 31290
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Seedbed Cultivators

Kverneland’s seedbed cultivators are available in a range of working widths from 3m to 8.10m

Stubble Cultivators

The stubble cultivators are available in both rigid and folded formats with working widths ranging from 2.50m to 5m.

The Kverneland range of stubble cultivators are fitted with the patented Knock-on® system, making it the easiest way of exchanging parts on a cultivator: either in order to adapt the machine for the job to be done or to exchange wearing parts.


Subsoiling can help to improve the soil structure by improving drainage, encouraging strong root development and better soil aeration.  Kverneland provides a range of different subsoilers.


The Kultistrip is Kverneland’s answer to strip-till.  Strip-Till is an innovative tillage procedure for row cultures such as maize, sugar beet, sunflower or rape seed.

The soil is cultivated only within the stripes where the crop is intended to grow.  Depending on the

intended row width, up to 70% of the soil surface remains untouched.  This technique not only protects the soil against erosion and drying but also reduces the tillage costs.


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