Major Equipment MJ24 & MJ22 Flail Mowers


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Manufacturer: Major
Agricultural Trader ID: 31438
Reference: major-equipment-mj24-mj22-flail-mowers

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The MAJOR MJ24 Flail Mower is a robust machine designed for heavy grass cutting.

The machine is offset by hydraulic control as standard.

The sturdy compact structure has a heavy gauge balanced rotor, mounted on self aligning bearings.

Specially shaped all purpose hammers make short work of even the toughest grass, grapevine shoots and bracken.

There is the option of flail heads in place of the hammers.

The opening back door can be opened out allowing the grass to discharge freely.

The hydraulic side shift allows the operator to slide (side shift) the flail for alignment, rather than moving the tractor.

The MAJOR MJ22 Flail is a sturdy and compact shredder/flail mower with standard 3 point linkage (rear or front mounted).

Both machines are suitable for pruning in the most different working conditions such as vineyards, orchards and green areas.


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