Martin Lishman Glucolis Potato Sugar testing


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A potato sugar self-testing kit that makes it possible to carry out on-the-spot evaluation of optimal harvesting dates for potatoes destined to become crisps or French fries.

This easy-to-use sugar testing kit, which requires no special training to use, enables producers to optimise their production schedules so that harvest times, storage temperatures and potato handling can all be planned to ensure the highest quality possible.

It is well known that sugar content can play an essential part in the culinary and technological quality of potato tubers.

It is also recognised that sugar content depends on variety, maturity at harvesting and storage conditions.

Each test uses at least 20 potato tubers, representative of the bulk to be tested.

There are enough consumables in the sugar testing kit for 30 tests, which should be sufficient for an analysis scheme carried out by an average size producer in a typical season.

Replacement consumables are readily available or can be purchased by larger producers at the same time as the basic kit.


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