Quad X Weed Wipeout 2


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Manufacturer: Quad-X
Agricultural Trader ID: 32688
Reference: Weed Wipeout 2

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Quad-X have came up with the ultimate solution to achieve massive savings on chemical and launched the Weed Wipeout 2 with new enhanced features including:
  • 14% less chemical usage- thanks to further R&D on the chemical application process.
  • New tank retaining system- new tank positioning for balanced weight distribution.
  • Improved frame design for extra strength- even more lightweight.
  • Improved design for maintenance- reduced service time and no tools required!

  • The Quad-X Weed Wipeout 2 boasts a number of innovative features such as Dual Rollers and Automatic Weed Detection. The Weed Detection System automatically activates the system to apply the optimum amount of chemical to the rollers, only when weeds are present, leaving you free to concentrate on driving, while saving chemical.

    Contra Rotating Dual Rollers apply the chemical to the sensitive underside of the weed giving a more efficient and faster Kill rate. Massive savings on chemical, Dual Rollers offer the most cost effective solution to grassland weed control.


  • Innovative dual, contra rotating long fibre Rollers
  • Automatic Weed detection and chemical application system
  • Unique Atomisation Technology for better chemical application
  • Largest height range on the market; they can be adjusted from 140mm – 380mm.
  • Spring Assisted Lift height adjustment
  • Unique drawbar design so the roller is first to come in contact with weeds after the towing vehicle (weeds aren’t knocked down by drawbar)
  • Knobby 22-11×8 flotation tyres make the machine suitable for use on soft/wet ground. With optimal chemical application, there is no pick-up on the wheels.
  • The total width of the machine is 2.4m (8ft)
  • Wireless Control Box


  • 60L or 100L UV Protected Tank
  • Quad-X Superpump. This pump creates more pressure for finer droplets and more accurate coverage.
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Hand lance Kit
  • Wiring Kit and Pressure Control
  • Unique chemical injection system prevents chemical waste
  • Bout Marker to assist good ground coverage

  • Call our sales team for more information!


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