Blaney Agri Forager X10


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Manufacturer: Blaney Agri
Agricultural Trader ID: 31417
Reference: blaney-agri-forager-x10

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The Forager X10 is a unique self-loading round bale feeder which has been designed to take the hassle out of feeding silage to livestock.

The Forager X10 allows you to feed the optimum amount of fresh silage to livestock every day from the comfort of your tractor seat without the need for back-breaking work.

It works faster than any diet feeder and you can easily control the amount of silage dispensed with the adjustable output function as standard.

By only feeding the required amount of silage needed on a daily basis the silage is fresher and more palatable to livestock, to give improved intake and more liveweight gain per day – making you money.  With less selective eating, less silage is wasted – saving you money and time.


Forager X10

This tractor mounted (3 point linkage) bale un-roller is ideal for feeding bales of silage, hay or straw.

Forager X10L

Following numerous demands Blaney developed the Forager X10L – a special front loader version of the bale unroller that can be fitted to any front loader or telescopic, to make lifting, loading and feeding a one man one tractor operation.

This special loader model means that high stacked bales are no longer a problem – simply disengage the bale bed to reveal the spring tines.

Drive up to he bale and the Forager X10L lifts and loads it, all at the push of a lever.  Pick up the loaded bale bed with the tines and you’re all set and ready to feed.

Forager X10W

The Forager X10W is designed to  unroll a silage bale into a trough or over a barrier or other obstacle.  This model is based on the Forager X10, with the extension wing allowing silage to be fed a further 1m away.


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