Kverneland Loader and Silage Wagons


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Manufacturer: Kverneland
Agricultural Trader ID: 31420
Reference: kverneland-loader-and-silage-wagons

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Loader and Silage Wagons

Kverneland 10040 R

The Kverneland 10040 R with a capacity of 40m³ offers maximum efficiency with a lower powered tractor and with a transport height of only 3.3m and a total weight of only 14 tonnes it is a very compact loader wagon.

Kverneland 10045 R

The Kverneland 10045 R has a capacity of 45m³ and a total weight of 17 tonnes.  It provides efficient pick-up and high quality of cut silage.  It is designed for those with smaller, lower powered tractors.

Kverneland 10055 R

Providing a capacity of up to 55m³ and a total weight of 21 tonnes, 10055 R is a rotor loader wagon that brings titanic dimensions to forage harvesting.


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